The web is alive with news that a Taiwan company has built a three-level exhibition hall — EcoARK — using about 1.5 million plastic bottles.  According to Reuters, the building was commissioned by Far Eastern Group and will be donated to city government in Taipei.  But what's really interesting is the fact that the objects used for the facade are more than simple plastic waste bottles.  The product being used here is called Polli-Brick from Hymini. 


Polli-Brick is made with recycled PET bottles — kind of like with the 111 Navy Chair — to create an interlocking shape that's light weight and structural at the same time.  When connected, Polli-Brick almost looks like a honeycomb.  

The architectural blocks are translucent and allow natural light to filter through the material.  As used in the new EcoARK, the curtain wall is said to be able to withstand typhoons and earthquakes, according to The China Post.

The China Post also said EcoARK is "the world's lightest, movable, breathable environmental miracle … it can be taken apart and reassembled at another site after the exposition."  Sounds interesting …

[+] Learn more about Polli-Brick recycled architectural brick.
[+] Watch a BBC video of the EcoARK building in Taiwan.  




Photo credits: China Post (#1); Hymini (#2); theqspeaks (#3); Reuters (#4-5).