Sustainable design start-up SMIT has been working on solar and wind powered facade technology for a while under the GROW moniker.  Now, the company is about to blow the lid off the solar-powered GROW with commercial availability.  SMIT is using a new name and website, Solar Ivy, for the biomimicry-inspired innovation made with recyclable polyethylene leaves, Konarka Power Plastic organic photovoltaics, and a structural stainless steel mesh system.


SMIT standardized the product for flexibility and ease of maintenance.  If one leaf malfunctions, the company can replace it with another.

Also, depending on the application and leaf opacity, Solar Ivy can be used to control heat gain, light transmission, and views from the inside.  It’s flexible and the leaves can be made in myriad colors.

In terms of energy production, according to a recent article in Metropolis, each leaf produces about about a half watt of power.

[+] Learn more about Solar Ivy from SMIT.

Solar-ivy-building-facade Solar-ivy-france-facade



Media credits: Solar Ivy.