Solar-basics-cover-neil-kaminar We are giving away one (1) copy of this book to a random commenter, so make sure to comment before the end of Friday, March 12, 2010.*

Solar power is exploding these days, what with generous financial incentives and the price of products going down.  All sort of people are looking at the technology to provide green power, but they need good information.  One place to find that is in a new book called Solar Basics by Neil Kaminar.   Kaminar, a solar engineer with nearly 40 years of industry experience, explains most of what you need to know about solar modules and how to make a solar system work. 

In Solar Basics, Kaminar details the ins and outs of solar energy at all stages of the life cycle, including financing, installation, testing, maintenance, repair, and recycling.  More specifically, here's the general flow of the book:

  • Chapter 1 Solar Module Basics
  • Chapter 2 Applications
  • Chapter 3 Types of Modules
  • Chapter 4 Inverters
  • Chapter 5 Batteries
  • Chapter 6 Charge Controllers
  • Chapter 7 Solar Water Systems
  • Chapter 8 The Basics of System Sizing
  • Chapter 9 Federal and State Incentives
  • Chapter 10 Sources
  • Chapter 11 Calculating Cost
  • Chapter 12 Installation
  • Chapter 13 Instrumentation and Testing
  • Chapter 14 Maintenance and Repair
  • Chapter 15 Safety

Each chapter is full of considerable detail, so this table of contents may not seem that helpful.  Within the text, Kaminar also includes over 100 illustrations — mostly in color — to drive home key points. 

If you're a solar professional or serious DIYer, you may want to check out Solar Design, which is by the same author.  This book goes into further detail about how to design a solar system and includes a CD with software to help with the design.  It's a little more expensive, too.

I've been given a review copy and educated by the insight Kaminar provides in Solar Basics.  This is highly recommended reading for anyone thinking about buying a solar array or system.  Click on over to Kaminar's Solar Design website to learn more or grab a copy of the book at Amazon:

[+] Solar Basics by Neil Kaminar at Amazon.

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