There's a push for density and urbanization and efficient use of space, but all too often a connection to nature is lost in the process.  Luzinterruptus, a guerrilla style outfit out of Madrid, recently installed this Packaged Vertical Garden to make a statement about the importance of preserving urban greenery. 


They say, "if we continue to eradicate [urban greenery] from public spaces or reduce it to inaccessible vertical faces, the only form of contact with nature will be in supermarket refrigerators, packaged with expiry dates."

Packaged Vertical Garden involves 110 transparent food packaging containers, leaves and branches from trees in the area, and lights.  Luzinterruptus installed the containers in about three hours in an "ugly square" to form a "fashionable vertical garden."

The Packaged Vertical Garden, therefore, it seems, is not only a stance on the growing loss of nature and greenery in the urban setting, but a criticism against hyped up green walls and the notion that they're somehow providing the natural connection that has been lost through development.  Thoughts?




Noticed at MoCo Loco; photo credits: Gustavo Sanabria.