Whether you’re looking for an innovative material for wall paneling, interior signage, or some furniture piece, ECOR may just be the right choice.  ECOR is made through a proprietary process with old newspapers, old cardboard, and various agricultural fibers, including processed bovine fibers, commercial fiber crops, and other residue fibers.  You can see how this is done in the video below. 

Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation makes ECOR and anticipates that it will sell well in building, trade-show, retail display, furniture, and packaging industries.  That’s because, according to the company, ECOR panels are up to three times stronger and one-fourth the weight of traditional particle board.

The company also claims ECOR is 100% recycled, lightweight, and formaldehyde-free.

Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation makes a variety of products with ECOR, including corrugated panels, honeycomb panels, environmental structural panels, and any number of custom fabricated shapes and panels.

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Photo credits: ECOR.