Almost two years ago, we mentioned the first prefab cabin built by Method Homes near Mt. Baker, Washington.  Now, after considerable time and research, the same company has teamed up with Skylab Architecture to create an additional and innovative line of prefab homes called Homb.  The name of the endeavor signals an interesting aspect of these new green prefab homes.


Hombs are built from 100 square-foot triangular modules, which, like a honeycomb, can be infinitely configured, expanded, and arranged.  The modules are built with green and healthy materials and Homb will target the design to LEED Platinum certification.

Homb’s newly launched website notes that Hombs can be configured with a green roof, super insulation, integrated power production, and off-the-grid modules.

With the triangle module, you can imagine the various floor plans and layouts available, although Homb has five customizable designs to help get things started.  You can view them here [PDF].  It’s all pretty fascinating, I think you’ll agree.  Learn more at:

[+] Homb by Skylab Architecture + Method Homes.





Rendering credits: Homb.