You’ve probably already seen this toilet and sink combination before.  It’s the W+W – short for washbasin and watercloset – from Roca.  The product, currently available overseas, reuses waste water from the sink in the discharge of the cistern, which helps it reduce water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard 6/3 liter dual-flush toilet.

According to Plumbing Park, the system has two waste options. Once the basin is full of water, the user can either flush it down the main line or recycle it for use in the toilet.

When the water is reused, it goes through a double filtration system to take out bacteria and odors, as well as particles and debris in the stream. The water is also chemically treated before being stored for flushing.

In terms of cost, Roca’s W+W is said to cost about £2645, which, by today’s exchange rate of 0.6389, translates to about $4140. It’s not cheap, but the product represents a striking combination of design, performance, and sustainability that usually doesn’t sell at rock bottom pricing.




Visual credits: Roca.