A little over a month ago, this home received the first LEED Platinum certification for a home in the state of Indiana.  Located in Franklin, the 2,000 square-foot contemporary residence has three bedrooms and two bathrooms for a family of three and a dog.  Castalia Homes built the home, which has a number of green features.

Perhaps most importantly, the home is very energy efficient.  It was built with a tight envelope that tested at 3% air leakage.  This has been accomplished, at least in part, with foam insulation and carefully placed double-pane argon filled windows.

The homeowners, Mark and Sibylle Jennett, also made sure the green home had a fresh air recovery system because of its tight envelope.  Inside it boasts Energy Star appliances, low-VOC paints and finishes, bamboo flooring, dual-flush toilets, and a tankless water heater, among other green elements.

That said, according to The Indianapolis Star, the Jennetts aren’t done yet.  They’re thinking about adding a vertical small wind turbine to generate on-site green energy.  Seems like a decent idea so long as the wind blows where placed.

Photo credits: Alan Petersime for The Indianapolis Star.