Of the temporary and permanent housing solutions envisioned for Haiti, there's everything but a shortage.  On this site alone, we've supported Shelter Box and mentioned efforts by House Arc and Andrés Duany.  Another effort that recently caught our attention is this Shipping Container Housing project to rapidly fabricate temporary relief housing out of 20 foot used containers.  


Shipping Container Housing wants to send a prototype to Haiti by early March and is raising $6,500 in donations to get it built. 

In terms of construction, the house will have a 500-gallon rooftop cistern for rainwater harvesting and a butterfly roof to deflect the weather and hold solar panels, according to The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.  The unit will have a passive solar design and rest on four adjustable piers. 

Houses will be filled with food and medical supplies after assembly and shipped to Haiti.  Pb Elemental Architecture is donating architectural services, while Method Homes will be one of the manufacturing partners. 

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Rendering credits: Shipping Container Housing.