The new congress center for the 4th World Solar Cities Conference, which takes place in September 2010, is now complete.  Located in Dezhou of the Shandong Province, the 75,000 square meter (807,293 square feet) center includes exhibition centers, scientific research facilities, meeting and training facilities, and a hotel.  It'll be a showcase of solar design, solar desalination, and, of course, about 50,000 square-feet of solar panels on the exterior. 

With advanced roof and wall insulation, the conference center is supposed to be about 30% more efficient than China's national standard.  And, notwithstanding its size, renewable energy will power 95% of the center's energy needs.

According to the China Internet Information Center, "The design of the building is based on the sundial and underlines the urgency of seeking renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels."  Also, as a symbol of clean energy, the exterior is covered in white.  

[+] Largest Solar Energy Building Unveiled.




Photo credits: China Internet Information Center