According to a recent press release, a sustainable energy company called Beautiful Earth Group just unveiled this containerized electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  With a soaring array of photovoltaic panels, the BMW Mini E pictured runs exclusively on fresh, green power generated by the off-grid, modular station.  You’ll note that the station just so happens to be built with recycled shipping containers, too.


After a 3-hour charge, the Bimmer has a range of about 100 miles.  When an additional charge is needed, the upper level of the charging station has a battery bank that stores electricity as generated for on-demand use.

The EV charging station uses 24 Sharp 235-watt panels and has a capacity of almost 6 kW.  The company says the station generates enough energy to power a small home.

Beautiful Earth’s solar-powered charging station is believed to be the first of its kind in New York City.  But that won’t likely be the case for long as EVs begin to hit the market.  The infrastructure for solar-powered cars is being created now.  For example, the City of Chicago recently installed a ChargePoint solar plug-in station, and Dell installed CleanCharge solar charging stations with their Solar Grove in Round Rock.




Photo credits: Beautiful Earth; first noticed at Inhabitat.