The other day, Design Boom reported on this project for the city of Groningen in the Netherlands.  Designed by NL Architects, the project, called Sozawe — welfare department and work agency — has office spaces, a large interior public space, and 215 parking spaces.  Each of the nine office floors includes access to outdoor spaces with trees and a view over the city. 


Although different, Sozawe kind of resembles ACROS Fukuoka, which is another stepped green roof project.  Both projects find a way to integrate green space and office space in a compelling architectural package. 

Explaining the design, Design Boom said, "In their design NL aimed to construct a building which was open, inviting and sustainable.  A crucial part of the program was the 'marketplace' or 'square' to allow interaction between the department and its customers.





Rendering credits: NL Architects; see more at Design Boom