Dockside Green is an award-winning development located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Within the 1.3 million square-foot, mixed-use community, all of the buildings, except the restaurant and pub facilities, have committed to obtaining LEED Platinum certification under the applicable Canadian LEED rating system.

The video above, Natural Growth: The Story of Dockside Green, includes discussion of Dockside Green from Deborrah Curran, a land use lawyer and founder of Smart Growth BC, Franc D’Ambrosio, an architect and urban designer, and Dean Fortin, the Mayor of Victoria.

The first phase of Dockside Green, Synergy, includes four buildings built on top of a common parking structure.  Synergy received LEED Platinum certification and was recognized as an AIA COTE Top Ten Green Project in 2009.

The brownfield development at Dockside Green adheres to a triple bottom line approach where ecology, economy, and society — as opposed to just the economy — each have equal consideration.




Video/photo credits: Christopher Ruffell and Jordan Harbour & Flickr.