We all know there's money in energy efficiency, but sometimes, it's hard to justify the upfront costs to receive the benefits over time.  When crunching the numbers, it helps to recall the Energy Pie Chart that Steven Chu posted to his Facebook recently — lighting accounts for 26% of energy use in commercial buildings!  Which is why Holiday Inn will save ~$4.4 million annually as they swap out their neon and fluorescent signage for super efficient LED signage. 

When you break down the numbers, Holiday Inn will save $3 million on annual maintenance and $1.4 million on energy savings.  Plus, they'll get a badly needed new look to go along with their $1 billion global relaunch of ~3,200 updated hotels. 

Specifically, the energy-efficient signage uses GE's Tetra LED lighting system, which includes Tetra Power White and Tetra MAX for channel letters, and Tetra PowerGrid for box signs.  Tetra® Power White delivers up to 66 lumens of brilliant white light per module, and Tetra PowerGrid is a high-brightness, modular system that lasts up to four times longer than T12HO fluorescents.  All three lighting systems last up to 50,000 hours, and they contain no lead, mercury, or glass.

If you're a business and you have signage and you're reading this, you should probably be thinking about the money you have growing on that glowing metal tree in front of your building.  Harvest that with some LEDs and start spending good money on other things. 

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