We have three copies of this book, which we will give away to three random commenters at the end of Friday, September 25, 2009.*

What kind of school did you grow up learning in?  During those formative years, did you have the opportunity to learn in a sustainable and architecturally significant environment?  Think back to those days when your mind wandered.  Would you ponder the exposed woodwork?  Or the expansive windows?  Or the structural steel?  Like many students, maybe you didn't have the opportunity to learn in a green school or anything of the sort, and that's where the Green School Primer comes in.  The Green School Primer is a new book that's been written to educate anyone — whether a board member, teacher, student, or parent –  about the benefits of green schools.

In the Green School Primer, LPA Architects shares its many years of experience with designing green schools.  LPA explains its own planning and design principles and strategies, the benefits of green schools, and the truth about the costs associated with green schools.  And they're not just advocating for the construction of new schools.  LPA talks about green modernizations on existing educational buildings, too. 

Here's what else you can expect in the Green School Primer:

Ch. 1: A Green School Primer
Ch. 2: The Truth About Green School Costs
Ch. 3: Green School Rating Programs
Ch. 4: Green School Design Principles and Strategies
Ch. 5: Cesar Chavez Elementary School
Ch. 6: Beverly Hills HS Science and Technology Center
Ch. 7: Hector Godinez Fundamental High School
Ch. 8: Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School
Ch. 9: Environmental Nature Center
Ch. 10: Green Modernization and Expansion of Existing Schools
Ch. 11: Green Modernization and Expansion School Projects
Ch. 12: Green School Trends

LPA has designed or modernized more green schools in California than any other California firm, so they're coming from a position of experience when it comes sustainable schools.  This primer is a good place to get started and it's full of magazine-like imagery.  If you don't win one of the three we're giving away here, you can grab a copy on Amazon.  

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