This is the new extension portion of a cottage house in Venice, California, which was designed by Canadian architects Bricault Design.  The ground level of the extension features large glass doors that swing open to a grassy courtyard, while the exterior cladding is part cedar batten and part greenery comprised of native plants and vegetables.  It's a striking combination of natural materials.



Bricault Design was tasked with creating a space that blends the interior and exterior while eliminating the need for air conditioning.  The staircase helps accomplish this by doubling as a cooling chimney to allow breezes to pass throughout the home. 

All the landscaping is nurtured with captured rainwater and recycled domestic grey water.  And the green roof sports a solar photovoltaic array that is, apparently, sufficient to meet the needs of the homeowners.  Other green features include: radiant infloor heating, low-flush toilets, low-VOC paints and finishes, cork rubber flooring, formaldehyde free cabinetry, and LED lighting. 




Noticed at Inhabitat; more photos and floor plans at Dezeen.