If you're in the market for green, modern, designer-built furniture, make sure to check out Studio Nola.  You can see a few examples below.  These pieces are built with FSC certified woods, 90% recycled steel, zero-VOC powder coated paints, low-VOC sealers, and locally sourced materials.  Plus, if you need one or a few shipped, Studio Nola will send them out on a carrier using the EPA's SmartWay transport system. 



Some of the pieces can be built with blue or red wheels — a perfect option for the most recreational of modern environmentalists — and an available option for a black or white frame. 

Of note, NOLA in this case is not a reference to New Orleans.  It's a reference to Northern Lawrence, Kansas, which is where Studio Nola's design and fabrication happens.  Prices range from about $600 – $1,000. 

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Photo credits: Studio Nola.