About two days after hearing that Coolerado had won the Western Cooling Challenge for the hybrid commercial version of this technology, I saw this on a newly built home.  This is what appears to be the M50 Coolerado.  Coolerado says they have the most efficient air conditioning system made — it uses up to 90% less electricity than a traditional air conditioner, depending on the humidity and elevation above sea level.  High and dry works best; see how:


What's interesting about Coolerado, particularly if you're in a location that needs an air conditioner, is the technology doesn't add humidity to the conditioned air.  It filters and pumps fresh air into your space.  Also, the Coolerado doesn't use any CFC refrigerants and doesn't swish around recycled, stale air. 

If you're looking for specific prices, the company tells me that dealers can provide more specific numbers.  Generally speaking, though, the technology is cost competitive with traditional air conditioners, and with the efficiency savings and potential for cheaper installation labor, you might just find that this is a no-brainer. 

Coolerado-solar-roof Coolerado-unit

There's a solar powered Coolerado that's just fascinating (see video above).  With the combination of solar power and Coolerado technology, humidified waste air is ducted to the back of solar panels.  The solar panels are cooled, making them more efficient in the process.  The version pictured above has the solar-powered Coolerado with the actual unit semi-shaded on the roof. 

Photo credit: Jetson Green (top); Coolerado (rest).