This newly constructed 3,200 square-foot building, Wetland Discovery Point, is the third LEED Platinum certified structure in the state of Utah, making it one of the greenest buildings around.  WDP is part of the Utah Botanical Center of Utah State University and provides an indoor / outdoor learning experience for over 4,000 school children each year.  The building was designed by ajc architects and built by Big-D Construction, and here are some of its green elements:

  • Butterfly roof for rainwater collection;
  • Rainwater collection used for toilets/landscaping;
  • Drought tolerant, native landscaping;
  • Radiant floor heating and cooling;
  • 30% more openings for natural ventilation;
  • 10-ft high trombe wall to collect passive solar heat;
  • Low-water use fixtures and plumbing;
  • On-site solar panels for green power;
  • Rooftop solar water heating for showers, sinks, radiant floor;
  • 95% of the construction waste was recycled;
  • Use of FSC-certified woods and low VOC products; and
  • High recycled content materials used throughout. 

Eventually, combining the passive solar design features, together with the solar thermal and solar panels, the Wetland Discovery Center intends to be net zero energy.  It's a stunning, modern example of cutting-edge sustainable design. 





Photo credits: ajc architects (1, 2, & 4); Utah Botanical Center (others).