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Harvard Business Press was kind enough to provide a copy of Adam Werbach's much anticipated book called Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto, which is definitely worth grabbing.  Werbach is a polarizing figure in the environmentalist world, and I guess you could say the debate centers upon his strategy to "work with rather than against large corporations."  There are environmentalists that absolutely abhor corporations, but there are also environmentalists that try to change the world through corporations.  Werbach aligns himself with the latter and provides his sustainable strategy for doing so in this new book. 

Werbach starts with an expanded and sensible definition of "sustainability."  He explains that a sustainable business is one that thrives in perpetuity — a business that can last the the craziest of economic fluctuations.  It's not "green" or anything fleeting like that, rather true sustainability has four equally important components: social, economic, environmental, and cultural.

Werbach also discusses three tools of sustainability: (1) making information transparent, (2) engaging people inside the company, and (3) leveraging networks of customers, suppliers, and communities.  Companies with a legitimate strategy for sustainability will be able to use these three tools to identify and solve pressing problems. 

So far, I'm only partially through the book, but I'm devouring it — it's chock full of worthwhile discussion.  If you're an MBA, entrepreneur, sustainability officer, or some other kind of forward-thinking strategy geek, I'd suggest grabbing this, together with Natural Capitalism, Cradle to Cradle, Ecology of Commerce, Green to Gold, and a Mid-Course Correction, among a few others.  You can grab a copy using the links below:

[+] Strategy for Sustainability on Amazon.
[+] Strategy for Sustainability by Adam Werbach.

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