Update 9/22/09: Largest Green Wall in North America is Complete!

In a recent press release, PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC) announced plans to install a 2,380 square-foot, soil-based living wall on the southerly exterior of the company's Pittsburgh headquarters building, One PNC Plaza.  The living wall, pending municipal approval and installation in September 2009, will be the largest green living wall in North America.  Produced by Green Living Technologies and designed by Mingo Design, a careful arrangement of locally-sourced plants will brand the building with PNC's logo. 

PNC will have the 24-ton wall mounted directly onto One PNC Plaza with a panel system and stainless steel bracketing.  The irrigation system — which is estimated to require only 15 minutes of watering per week — is built into 602 panels of soil-based growth medium.  

Certainly, the wall will provide cooling benefits for the building, but there's also an element of exhibition at play.  PNC Director of Corporate Real Estate, Gary Saulson, commented, "The wall will be a fitting reminder that PNC is the world-leader in green building."  PNC has a large inventory of green buildings and bank branches, of which, we've mentioned Three PNC Plaza and 800 17th Street / PNC Place.  The company is actively engaged in this space, so we'll try to mention more of what's going on, particularly with their green bank branches.  


Rendering credit: PR Web, July 21, 2009.