You may have noticed in Saturday's Week in Review, but we're now rolling out a free, beta green building jobs service.  We've added a link to the navigation above and already published a couple great looking job opportunities.  The market can be tough on all of us — whether you're a company in need of remarkable employees or an employee in need of remarkable opportunities — make sure to use Greener Jobs

Spread the word, if you like.  We want to keep this service highly focused on careers relevant to green building, whether architecture, design, consulting, LEED, development, marketing, IT, management, legal, or otherwise.  And did I mention Greener Jobs is free to both view and list? 

Of course, the world wide web has some other green-focused job sites, and I hope you'll use these, too.  Make sure to check out Grist, GreenBiz, Treehugger, and Sustainable Business.  All of these serve an intelligent green audience, but there are slight differences in the communities.  It's best to keep up with each one. 

[+] Green Building Jobs by Greener Jobs.