If you're anywhere near Menlo Park, California this weekend, you should head over to Celebration Weekend held by Sunset Magazine.  This year, Sunset is featuring a Modern Cottage built by Modern Cabana as one of the magazine's idea houses.  I guess the official name is something like the Sunset Modern Cottage Idea House.  Made with two modular living spaces, 300 square feet and 120 square feet, respectively, this MC Studio Home is a striking combination of style, efficiency, and small living.

This video shows Casper Mork-Ulnes, founder of Modern Cabana, explaining the house.  In addition, as a special exclusive for Jetson Green, Ed Deleski of Modern Cabana was kind enough to tell us all about the idea house. You can keep up with their company on MySpace or @ModernCabana.

(1)  Ed, tell me about the Modern Cottage you've built for Sunset …

The MC Studio Home was designed to be a turnkey, sustainable way to add livable square footage to a home or property.  We start with a fully assembled version of our 12x25UC model and add a custom kitchen and bathroom.  It works great as a guest home or as a second income generating rental unit on your property.  

Modern-cottage-exterior-l Modern-cottage-plantings-l

(2)  About how long did it take to build and finish out?  

Our Cabanas typically take anywhere from 3 days to 6 weeks to install, depending on the level of customization, finishes, and site constraints. [Ed. note – you can view construction photos here]

Modern-cottage-green-wall-l Guest-suite

(3)  Let's say a customer approaches you to buy the Modern Cottage, how much would it cost?  

The MC Studio home shown as Sunset’s Modern Cottage starts at $67,500.  We also have a more basic model starting at $57,500.

(4)  Are you going to sell it or are there other plans?

This unit will serve as a model for a time and then will be sold.  

Modern-cottage-deck-l Modern-cottage-side-view-l

(5)  Can you tell me about whether the Modern Cottage has been designed or built for sustainability?

We believe it is common sense to design for sustainability so this is reflected in everything we do; from design to construction and how we operate our company.  All of our Cabanas are constructed with FSC certified, sustainably-harvested woods.  We use recycled denim insulation in the sidewalls, and low/no voc finishes.  We’ve designed all our models to use standard sized pieces of lumber, which virtually eliminates all waste.  We’ve also converted our delivery truck to run on veggie oil.

Succulent-art Modern-cottage-doghouse

(6)  Do you have any other projects or experiments in the works?

Modern Cabana has been evolving ever since its inception in 2004.  We’ve just recently launched two new products based on our sustainable modern design principles, DogHAUS and KIDDO.  DogHAUS is doghouse designed with a living roof and KIDDO is a child sized version of Modern Cabana.

Ed, thanks for taking time to give us a preview of Sunset Modern Cottage Idea House!  Everyone, if you can't make Celebration Weekend, the home will be available subsequent weekends.  Go check it out. 

Photo credits: Spencer Troy, Sunset Magazine.