Loll Designs makes contemporary, durable outdoor furniture from recycled materials.  You've probably seen their 4-slat Adirondack chair, but the company has a number of other pieces, as well as some new ones, too. They're made from 100% recycled post-consumer HDPE, and 90% of the manufacturing waste is sent to a recycling plant (or remember when the guys from Hive Modular recycled Loll pallets to create a barn?).  Loll uses recycled packaging and does a number of other things to reduce the environmental impact associated with business.  Here's a preview of some of the new work:

The Cabrio Lounge Chair – made with 320 recycled milk jugs, this low-profile chair comes in seven colors for the price of $319 a piece. 


The 405 Chaise – made with 960 recycled milk jugs, this pool-side juggernaut is also available in seven colors for the princely sum of $1,200 a piece. 


BBO2 Table and Chairs – the BBO2 chair runs for $190 each and the table for $395, which is just about right if you're looking to set your kids up in style. 


Photo credits: Loll Designs.