This modern, award-winning abode is the first LEED Platinum home in Virginia.  Located at 5803 16th Street North in Arlington, the home was built by Metro Green and designed by Kaplan Thompson Architects (the firm that also designed the popular net-zero energy Bright Built Barn).  Although it’s a little bigger than the ones we tend to mention — 3,825 square feet with a tight footprint — I think the home is worth mentioning for a number of reasons.  First, annual heating and cooling costs are $180 and $125 respectively!  In addition, 5803 has the following green elements:



  • A Liveroof green roof;
  • 1 kW array of photovoltaics;
  • Geothermal wells and heat pump;
  • Efficient SIPs walls and roof;
  • Efficient spray foam insulation;
  • High efficiency appliances;
  • Energy recovery ventilation system;
  • Low-VOC finishes and paints;
  • 540 gallons of rainwater cisterns;
  • Custom nanogel curtain wall glazing;
  • Double-glazed, argon-filled windows; and
  • Pervious paving and drought-tolerant landscaping.

5803 was designed to be efficient from the beginning.  It received a HERS score of 51, Energy Star rating of 5+ Stars, and Energy Star certification for exceptional indoor air quality.  Moreover, the site design features zero site runoff for a one-inch rain event.  And in case you’re in the market for a green home, check these links.

[+] Metro Green LEED Platinum home
[$] 5803 16th St North is for sale for $1.175k at Redfin.






Photo credits and copyright: Parker Daniell.