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I noticed some chatter about these LOFTwall dividers following the news rush that accompanied ICFF 2009.  They're made by a Dallas-based company for use in residences, office spaces, retail, or pretty much anywhere else you can think of.  LOFTwalls are modular, lightweight, and most importantly, customizable.  Take a stab at designing your own using their frames and material swatches — you'll even get the price. 


These custom partition dividers come in 4', 6', and 8' widths, with wood, aluminum, or powder-coated frames.  LOFTwall also features a number of different infills, including wood veneers, laminates, fabrics, translucent panels, and DIY adhesive panels.  It'd be interesting to try to out greener infills with, for example, organic fabrics, 3form materials, or something else.

LOFTwall has a green statement and commitment to reducing waste, using green materials, and manufacturing dividers as efficiently as possible.  Naturally, about half of the aluminum content is from recycled materials, but LOFTwall also uses water-based adhesives and powder-coated paints to eliminate VOCs.  Check these videos:

[+] LOFTwall Divider Screen on YouTube.
[+] How to Set Up a LOFTwall on YouTube.

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Photos: LOFTwall Flickr (all except middle); Design Milk (ICFF 2009).