San Antonio-based LionForce built this efficient home as a prototype for their ecoLiving System — a web-based configurator that will help homeowners design homes and build them through a national network of certified building partners.  LionForce says their homes are efficient, healthy, low-maintenance, quickly constructed, and cost effective.  This first prototype home, the T-2 home, has already received a 2009 Green Building Award from the City of San Antonio (in the custom home under 2,200 square feet category). 


The T-2 home, located at 21953 Trumbo Road in San Antonio, also received a 3.0 rating from Build San Antonio Green.  It scored well in the energy category, partly because the home was constructed with custom EPS wall and roof panels (see above).  The custom system creates a tight envelope and reduces the amount of energy needed. 

T-2 neatly packs three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,230 square feet of space.  There's a bedroom and a living/kitchen wing — similar to the design used for the Truro Residence — to splice day and night activities.  T-2 also incorporates extensive deck space to blend the interior with the exterior, and a rainwater catchment system collects water for irrigation.  

LionForce is slowing rolling out the web-based configurator (due this summer) and relationships with certified ecoLiving Builders.  With additional homes in planning, we'll keep you posted with all aspects of the ecoLiving System.  This could be interesting. 





Photo credits: LionForce ecoLiving System.