A couple months back, I read an article about Daniel Libeskind's prefab plans, and today, the NY Times broke the story wide open.  In Libeskind Designs a Prefab Home, the Gray Lady gives us a glimpse of The Villa, which is part of Daniel Libeskind's Signature Series of private homes.  There's a prototype of The Villa currently under construction in Datteln, Germany, which should be completed this summer.  And like a limited production set of artwork, The Villa will be offered in regionally exclusive neighborhoods all over the world.  For the right price …


The Villa is a whopping 515 square meters (or 5543 square feet), which includes an open kitchen and grand central room, four bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, family room, office, and multi-purpose basement rooms.  It'll be constructed in a German factory with the collaboration of proportion GmbH using wood, zinc, and aluminum parts.  After prefabrication, the parts will be put together on site while the owner's custom features will be built into the home (see assembly above). 


The price?  Two to three million Euros with shipping within Europe, or converted today (€1-$1.38), approximately $2.76 – $4.14 million.  Stated otherwise, my BOE calculation pegs the price at $498 – $747 per square foot. 

Libeskind's website for The Villa indicates that the home "meets the highest standards in design, craftmanship, and sustainability."  You may wonder how such a large home could ever be considered "sustainable," and Libeskind might just answer that the home is not only super efficient, but it's memorable and built to last a long time. 

The exterior insulation is on par with that of the Passive House standard.  Additionally, the home features building-integrated solar thermal, thin film photovoltaics, geothermal with a high-efficiency heat pump, and rooftop rainwater harvesting for use in garden irrigation.  It's seriously a low-energy, if not net zero energy, home. 




[+] The Villa Website
[+] Studio Daniel Libeskind – The Villa

Image credits: Screen ID and Studio Daniel Libeskind.