Zac Blodget, designer and owner of Portland’s first LEED Platinum home, sent me an email recently.  His smartly designed home lacks the fuss usually associated with LEED Platinum palaces – no pun intended, but it’s down-to-earth – and Blodget has the green house listed for sale at $340,000.  Located two blocks from Concordia University, the 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1680 square-foot residence sits on a tight footprint on a corner lot.  I’ve explained a number of its green elements below, but we also have a one-question poll at the end of the article (scroll down).

Concordia-ext Concordia-door

Concordia Residence is 25% more efficient than a similar Energy Star home and 40% more efficient than a similar code-built home.  As is required in this area, 100% of the storm water is managed on-site, and water is economized through the use of dual-flush toilets, low-flow fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping, and a rain barrel water reclamation system for irrigation.  The home also has the following:

  • Efficient tankless water heater;
  • 96% efficiency furnace;
  • Tightly sealed building envelope;
  • Automated fresh air delivery and air filtration;
  • Low-VOC and formaldehyde free materials;
  • Wheatboard kitchen cabinets;
  • PaperStone countertops;
  • Bamboo flooring throughout;
  • Recycled content fiber cement siding; and
  • Numerous windows providing abundant natural light.  

Now that you know a little more about the Concordia Residence, you’re qualified to answer one question below.  Will you tell me why Blodget hasn’t sold the home yet?



Bathroom Bath-room


Photo credits: Design/Verte.