Sustainable design firm Mithun just updated their website with details of an interesting farmworker housing pilot project in Washington state.  With the sponsorship of the Seattle Archidiocesan Housing Authority and a grant from Enterprise Community Partners, Mithun designed three prefabricated modules to provide a model for affordable housing for farmworkers and their families.  According to Mithun, the state has tens of thousands of farmworkers who are forced to compete for scant affordable living options, and these prefab 580 square foot homes may change life for a lot of them. 



The pilot project includes three homes designed to light green, green, and bright green levels of sustainability.  The amenities and green features differ for each.  For example, the bright green home includes solar power, solar hot water, passive heating and cooling, efficient envelope, advance framing, low-flow plumbing, Energy Star appliances, FSC certified wood, and a design to meet net zero energy use. 

Two of the first constructed units will go to farms in Skagit Valley, while the other will likely end up in Yakima.  Upon completion, the homes will be publicly available by appointment.  We'll keep an eye on progress, because this is the kind of technological innovation that could prove beneficial to the entire housing sector.  Read more on Mithun's farmworker pilot project



Rendering credits: Mithun.