A GIC Front

These days, we're seeing all sorts of companies take a leadership position with regard to sustainability.  One of the ways they're distinguishing themselves is in obtained LEED or some other green building certification for corporate facilities and real estate.  Wrigley, for instance, just received LEED Gold certification for their Global Innovation Center (GIC) in Chicago, Illinois.  The building opened in May 2005 and is used to create consumer-driven products, packaging, and processes.  GIC features some of the following green elements and strategies:

  • A building-wide green cleaning program;
  • Lighting occupancy sensors;
  • Automated temperature sensors;
  • Monitored irrigation system that waters when necessary;
  • Abundant natural light throughout building;
  • Unique glass tension-cabled ceiling provides natural light (see below);
  • Green roof for efficiency and rainwater runoff reduction;
  • Interior spaces designed to be flexible and reconfigurable;
  • Showers and locker rooms for bike riders; and
  • Building program for alternative and public transportation. 

By looking at it, you'd think it was just a regular building, but don't be fooled: GIC has reduced water usage by 40% annually for two years and energy by 10% in the last year.

[+] Wrigley Earns LEED Gold for GIC by PR Newswire.

D GIC North Side Sunset

M GIC Lounge

F GIC Lobby

H GIC Winter Garden & Skylight

Photos courtesy of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.