True-green-home We're giving a copy of this book away to one lucky commenter below, so make sure to comment before midnight on Sunday, March 15, 2009.*

Just about a week ago, National Geographic released a new book called True Green Home: 100 Inspirational Ideas for Creating a Green Environment at Home.  The book features, of course, 100 green ideas, as well as 10 company case studies and a resource index with links and a glossary.  Oddly, I guess our site was good enough to get a free review copy of the book, but not quite good enough to get listed in the links section.  But that's okay, we're still riding a high from being listed in The Gort Cloud … Anyway, True Green Home packages basic green concepts in a nice way — it's particularly helpful for starters and anyone looking for inspiration. 

True Green Home is organized into ten sections: home green home, green energy, green living, eco-kitchen, bathroom basics, sleeping green, DIY green rooms, green housekeeping, a greener garden, and around the house.  So let's say you're particularly strong in the green energy area, but not so strong in the housekeeping or the gardening area, you'll likely get some helpful information. 

To get a better idea, the first section, "home green home," talks about the following ideas (the book's idea title is on the left, and my explanation is on the right). 

  • location, location = proximity to things
  • supersize (or downsize) me = what do you really need?
  • the lay of the land = using sites resourcefully
  • face up to it = understanding orientation
  • material world = eco-friendly building materials
  • insulate yourself = important to efficiency
  • green design = design should be functionally green
  • passive attack = fresh air, natural light, less systems
  • window shopping = consider placement, glazing, thermal performance
  • renovate or detonate = reuse existing structures

You get the idea.  What I like about the book is how the photos illustrate the points.  If you haven't noticed, we like photos on this site, and True Green Home does a good job of keeping you entertained.  Go grab a copy at the bookstore and check it out. 

[$] True Green Home on Amazon
[$] True Green Home on National Geographic
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