If you didn’t already know, or couldn’t already tell, we’re seriously interested in the prefab world.  Showing off new companies and innovative homes is what we do, so it’s our pleasure to talk about a relatively new company on the scene: Stillwater Dwellings.  The Seattle-based company was founded by two architects and one builder/developer about eight months ago, and they’re going to break ground on the first home in Bend, Oregon this month.  Stillwater put a lot of work into elucidating the “all-in” construction costs of a home, and they’re targeting prices in the range of $130 – 195 psf — quite competitive really for the prefab market.  They also have a refreshing philosophy about how to do things; these are their fundamental beliefs:

Stillwater Dwellings

  • Quality, contemporary, prefab homes don’t need to be expensive;
  • Building a new home should be fun, not stressful;
  • Eco-friendly building is not a luxury, it’s our responsibility;
  • Construction costs can (and should) be predictable; and
  • Less house is more home.

Stillwater offers predesigned homes in the sd-s (Stillwater Series) and sd-m (Stillwater Mini) lines, and more flexible, custom designs in the sd-i (Interchangeable Series).  The sd-s features homes ranging in size from 870 to 2,950 square feet, while the sd-m features simple, compact homes from 370 to 585 square feet.  If you’re a little more adventurous, the sd-i series includes 34 pre-designed main living, bedroom, and connector modules that fit together with a universal connector.  Stack and fit together the modules as you like to create something custom.

Regardless of whether you go with an sd-s, sd-m, or sd-i prefab home, all designs include soaring butterfly rooflines, interior/exterior lightshelf visors, plate steel entry canopies, and efficient layouts that blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor living.  I personally can’t wait to see a few Stillwater Dwellings built, but what do you think?

Rendering credit: Stillwater Dwellings.