With the glut of commercial space available today and the promise of stimulus money, some developers are looking at green building as a way to stand out.  Brushing up on catch-phrases just isn't going to cut it; in the new construction space, they're competing with early adopters who have already embraced sustainable design, energy efficiency, and LEED and the like.  They'll be competing with commercial projects like this. 

This 120,000 square foot flex space is looking for LEED CS Platinum.  It's actually a complete renovation of 2301 Chouteau Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri, and the developers, as you may already know, are using the LEED Core and Shell rating system, so tenants can built out the interior to their desired level of sustainability.

Chouteau Crossing features wind turbines, geothermal heating and cooling, and a graywater system that handles the irrigation.  The parking lots are illuminated by power stored from the rooftop PV array.  It will be completed at the end of 2009, and 33,000 square feet have been taken already for lab space.  The project is being developed by Green Street Properties.  Of note, Treanor Architects completed a building next door to the iconic Alberici construction headquarters, which is on track for LEED Gold, along with several other registered LEED projects in the St. Louis area. 



Rendering Credits: Peder Hulse at Green Street Properties.