Just the other day, a hillside home in Palm Springs was featured in The Desert Sun.  The contemporary abode was designed by Lance O'Donnell of o2 Architecture, and he's hoping to get LEED Platinum certification in the next few months.  Lance was kind enough to provide some photos of the inside and outside, but if you're in the area and want to see more, make sure to attend the open house this Saturday from 1-5 pm at 2299 N. Via Monte Vista, Palm Springs


The single family home and granny flat is an infill project with a number of sustainable design features and elements.  In terms of orientation, the long east/west axis maximizes southern exposure for winter heating and minimizes east/west exposure to prevent indoor heat gain in the summer.  In addition, other sustainable design features and elements include:

  • 100% native drought tolerant plants
  • Drip irrigation system supplied by grey water
  • Exposed slab on grade foundation for thermal storage
  • On-site 7 kW solar PV system 
  • Efficient tankless hot water heater reduces use of natural gas
  • High-efficiency toilets, showers, and faucets minimize water use
  • Formaldehyde free cabinets/adhesives and low-VOC paints
  • All Energy Star rated appliances used as fixtures
  • Construction was minimized with separate metal, concrete, block, wood, plastic, cans, and cardboard recycling

Certainly, the design, combined with the large floor-to-ceiling windows and indoor/outdoor spaces, makes the home an absolute dream to live in.  Plus, with on-site solar cutting electrical demand by about 90+ percent and LEED Platinum waiting in anticipation, it's safe to say that this 2300 square-foot home in Little Tuscany will garner some major attention in the coming months.  Would you believe it was built for about $230 psf?

DSC_0012 DSC_0030



Photo credits: Korab Radoni, o2 Architecture.