Wow, isn't this home striking?  It's a green house and a house meant to act like a true greenhouse — the steel-framed structure is enveloped in alternating layers of insulated transparent glass and translucent polycarbonate plates, so when the sun comes through the glass and heats up the interior, the insulation in the glass keeps the heat inside.  The insulation and translucent materials also provide a level of privacy, particularly on the first level, whereas the glass is featured prominently in the more public areas of the home. 


At night, if/when the interior cools down, even after all the warmth seeps out of the concrete floors, there's a revolving fireplace in the center of the great room to keep things going.  

The home was designed by Carl Verdickt and is located in Asse, a place near Brussels, Belgium.  The design prioritized affordability and simplicity, which is noticeable in the stark but stylish interior.  I like how the white plays with the dark concrete and various wood elements.  Also, need to give high marks for minimalist use of materials and smart design for natural light and comfort. 





First noticed at Yatzer.

Photos: © Luc Roymans.