This is the first citizenM hotel near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.  Designed by Dutch design firm Concrete Architectural Associates, the hotel is made with prefabricated pods (or rooms) built in citizenM's own production facility.  The rooms have been prefabricated not only to reduce construction waste and save time, but they're also built this way to provide a consistent room experience to guests.  So when guests walk into a room, not only do they get a tightly designed and constructed space, but they get one that's full of geeky tech. 


Of course, everything is minimalist, but the lack of fuss, I believe, is a good and green way to go — you end up being satisfied with less, too.  There's a king-sized bed, LCD TV with free movies, free internet, and wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, soundproof windows.  On top of all this is the Philips mood pad, which controls everything in the room, including the TV, window blinds, lights, and alarms. 

Notice how the designer economized space with the revolving walls for the toilet and bathroom.  Most Americans, no doubt, would have a problem with this theft of space, but we're all over it.  Honestly, what more do you need than a big bed, sink, toilet, shower, and colored lighting?  The result is a more affordable and less expansive hotel stay from about 89-120 euros (or $121-163, based on today's rate). 

[+] citizenM Amsterdam Airport
[+] citizenM Amsterdam City







The pictures in this article, of course, show the first CitizenM near the Amsterdam airport, but last Friday, Inhabitat showed renders of the second CitizenM in Amsterdam City, which will be rolled out in the coming months.  After that, CitizenM will continue its roll out of ~20 hotels over the next five years in various European cities. 

Photo credits: citizenM Amsterdam Airport.