Following in the footsteps of Dongtan and Masdar, the Danish firm of Bjarke Ingels Group has just released details of their masterplan for a zero energy resort and entertainment city on Zira Island, which is located within the bay of Baku, Azerbaijan.  The plan calls for roughly 10.8 million square feet of architectural landscape based on the natural landscape of Azerbaijan.  Indeed, Zira Island will feature seven residential developments, each in the shape of one of seven peaks of Azerbaijan, and 300 private villas with views over the Caspian Sea. 


Zira Island is intended to be entirely independent of external resources – to provide “high-end living with low end resource usage.”  Here’s how they plan to do so:

  • Heating/cooling by heat pumps connected to Caspian Sea
  • Photovoltaics strategically placed on facades and rooftops
  • Solar thermal panels integrated into architecture
  • Energy efficient architecture
  • An offshore wind farm for island power
  • Waste and storm water collection, treatment, and reuse in landscaping

The webosphere has gone crazy talking about this zero energy island plan, and that’s a good thing.  When entire cities are built from the ground up, they ought to be built with the best and greenest strategies available. 



[=] Zira Island Masterplan by BIG
[+] Zira Island masterplan by BIG by Dezeen

Image credits: BIG