Just recently, we mentioned Copeland Casati in regards to the launch of Green Cabin Kits, but I thought it was high time to take a look at her SIPs home under construction near Appomattox in Central Virginia.  The home is actually a prototype of the Casa Ti house kit designed by architect David Day.  Designed to be off-grid, net-zero energy, and modern, the home has 1200 square feet of space with three bedrooms. 


Right now, the exterior is pretty close to complete (sans natural landscaping), but when done the home will have radiant heat, rainwater collection, the benefits of passive solar design, and on-site solar energy, etc. 

Copeland tells us that without the systems, the home is so efficient that on a cold winter day, you can walk inside to a cozy 60 degrees or so. That's one of the benefits of SIPs construction … make sure to follow the progress and costs of Copeland's home through completion, or buy a green house kit for yourself.  We'll check back when everything is done and complete with the stamp of being lived in. 


Casati-southside Casati2

Unfinished Interior - Such a Noble Dog!


Photo credits: Green Modern Kits.