Maryfield House

Pardon the amateur photography in this article, but hopefully you can see how beautiful this newly built home is — it could become the first LEED certified home in Utah!  The Maryfield Home was designed by John Sparano and Anne Mooney of Sparano + Mooney Architecture, also the owners, and they're eagerly working towards certification.  I first found out about it from Benchmark Modern, a local contractor specializing in modern green construction, and they were able to arrange a tour.  Check it out:


Maryfield has several and various green features, including concrete radiant floors, Energy Star dimmable CFLs, SolaTubes, recycled steel framing, low-VOC paint, R30 walls, R50 roofing, a high efficiency boiler and HVAC, and a tight footprint.  The home has 2,600 square feet of living and unparalleled views, as you can see, of the mountainous outdoors. 


Located just a short jaunt up Emigration Canyon, the first thing you'll notice about Maryfield is the unique and captivating exterior cladding — it's like a dragon or something — 22 gauge, A606 weathering steel in a 12 x 12 inch, interlocking diamond configuration with concealed fasteners.  Right now, the home kind of blends in with the snow, but as it ages, Maryfield won't be missed.  Here's a closeup.  


The weathered steel theme carries over inside with this centerpiece.  Notice below that the piece doubles as storage and conceals a flat screen. 



This is the view from inside — this side of the home is all glass.  The surrounding landscape was left undisturbed.  You can slide these doors all the way back and really open up the inside to the out.   



Of course, dual flush toilets are standard, but check out the yellow paneling.  You can't tell from this image, but the panels cover tubular fluorescent lights.  When turned on, it's pretty fun feeling.


Kohler Purist Wading Pool in action, vanity style.  I really like the look.  The entire master bathroom has a spa feel. 




Don't forget the high efficiency boiler and HVAC setup.  Maryfield obtained a Five Plus Energy Star rating, 69 HERS rating, and a .16 blower door.  At some point in the future, the owners may install on-site solar to drive these efficiency measures towards net zero energy. 


[+] Maryfield House Flickr Gallery by jetsongreen.