More and more, we're seeing designs that focus on energy efficiency and near zero energy operations.  One company that has such designs is Solar Village, and they're offering Turn-Key Solar Village Homes — something that I find to be very interesting.  The homes feature passive solar design, foil faced rigid foam and Icynene insulation, fiberglass windows with low-E glass, healthy indoor air, a solar hot water system, a 2.5 kW solar pv system with online monitoring, and super efficient HVAC system.  As a result, the homes are close to zero energy, if not net-zero energy, and they can be built in less than three months! 

Turn-Key Solar Village Homes are built exclusively by All American Homes, a company with plants in Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Iowa, and Colorado.  These plants build “systems built,” modular homes, and matter of fact, the Altos Homes pictured at the very beginning was built by All American Homes in Decatur, Indiana.  Check out the five designs now available from Solar Village and All American Homes:

Solar Village Eldora – 3/2.5, 1928 square feet


Solar Village Altos – 3/2.5, 2047 square feet


Solar Village Zephyr – 3/2.5, 2449 square feet


Solar Village Stratus – 3/2.5, 1704 square feet


Solar Village Zero2 – 2/1, 1106 square feet


Rendering and photo credits: Solar Village Homes.

Update 1-13-2008: this article was corrected to remove information about EcoFutures and clarify details of All American Homes’ arrangement with Solar Village.