If you know us, you know we're never satisfied with the status quo, so we’re testing out a new ad server program that’s kind of fun.  If you look to the right sidebar, you’ll notice a 50×50 pixel gray square – it’s not standard ad size or anything, but that’s why we like it.  We think people will look at it and, curious about what the box is, they’ll click it and find you.  But this is entirely speculative and exploratory, so we can’t be sure.

For this reason, we’re providing each of the four spots for $30 monthly for the time being.

If people like these boxes, they probably won’t stay at this price forever.  We average about 85-100k visitors and double that in page views per month.  So based purely on unique visitors (not even page views), we’re talking about an estimated CPM of something like $.30-35!  That’s unheard of really, at least on this site … but we’re experimenting and want to see how they work.  Check click through rates, speak with purchasers about their campaign, etc.

If you’re the experimental type and the thing that you do is the kind of thing that our readers may be interested in (i.e., green building, sustainable architecture, good design, natural innovation, etc.), feel free to give our new box ads a try.