[Video – 2:19] Noted green building expert Jerry Yudelson explains how the Obama administration will impact green buildings.  In short, according to Mr. Yudelson, the Obama administration will make green buildings a permanent part of the economic, cultural, and financial landscape.  Every new, large federal building will be LEED certified, and at least 25 (if not 35) states will mandate green certification for all new buildings.  We'll see green measures for hundreds of local, state, and federal buildings, and a lot of money will be going into this area.  And because of this, people will gravitate towards the green building industry — we'll see green jobs and a boom of sorts.

The fact that green buildings will benefit from the Obama administration is not only one of our trends to watch in 2009, but it's also one of Mr. Yudelson's Top Ten Trends.  It's number two.  Here's that list, in shortened form:

  1. Green building will continue to grow more than 60% in 2009
  2. Green building wil benefit from the new Obama presidency
  3. The focus of green buildings will begin to switch from new to existing buildings
  4. Awareness of the coming global crisis in fresh water supply will increase
  5. LEED Platinum projects will become more commonplace
  6. Solar power use in buildings will accelerate
  7. Local governments will increasingly mandate public and private green buildings
  8. Zero net energy designs for new buildings gain increasing acceptance
  9. Green homes will come to dominate new home home developments
  10. European green building technologies will become better known and adopted in U.S. and Canada

So, as you can tell, we can always count on the consultant in Mr. Yudelson to give us high quality information.  We've certainly enjoyed some of his books, even given a few away, and listed a couple on our green books page.  If you're in the industry, his Yudelson Associates Blog is a must read, too.