I thought it'd be fun to share some actual photos of the BUILDER LivingHome, since up until now, we've only been showing renderings.  The home was designed by KieranTimberlake, built by LivingHomes, and assembled in about three days on the IBS exhibit floor.  Can you imagine putting together an entire house in that time?  I picture Steve Glenn running around with a megaphone, Ty Pennington style, shouting, "We only have four hours, people!"  The modular modern home was designed to meet LEED Platinum certification and includes 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms comprising roughly 2,466 square feet.

The BUILDER LivingHome incorporated a ton of green materials, including EcoClad, an exterior cladding that we recently mentioned.  And, as with all models by LivingHomes, the design centers on a Z6 paradigm  — all homes strive to reach Zero Water, Zero Energy, Zero Waste, Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon, and Zero Ignorance.  The price of a home like this hovers in about the $300 psf area, which includes everything but the land …

[+] Video: BUILDER LivingHome Opening by BUILDER
[+] Prefab Friday: KT1.5 from LivingHomes by Inhabitat
[+] BUILDER LivingHome 2009 by LIMElight





The BUILDER LivingHome will get a second life as it moves on to TED 2009 as the official Kohler LivingHome.  After that, the home will be sold.