I find this off-the-grid cabin in Northern Ontario to be quite interesting.  It’s a 1,000 square foot retreat that practically hovers out on the water.  Molly’s Cabin is located a few hours north of Toronto in a place called Pointe au Baril.  Outfitted out with a bedroom, living room, library nook, kitchen, dining room, and small loft, the L-shaped floor plan intermixes the interior and exterior.  Can you imagine how serene it would be to chill and fish and sleep in a place that sits gingerly on the edge of the water like this?

Like the flaps of a tent, the roof plunges sharply downward to Precambrian rock, shielding the cabin from what can be aggressive wind conditions.

The home was constructed with old timber reclaimed from barns and local stone, while solar panels power a pump that draws fresh water from the lake.  There’s a composting toilet and the sink is attached to a grey water system.  Molly’s Cabin is simple yet comfortable and as explained by the architects, AGATHOM Co., “challenges the current tendency in the area for extravagant architectural statements, creating a solution that is inventive and sustainable.”

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Photo credits: Michael Awad, Paul Orenstein.