This conceptual proposal for a residence with combination solar panel and wind turbine offers the best of both worlds, with a dose of stage-like performance.  Shaped to look like a rock, the dwelling stores water in its outer shell as an insulator to conserve energy. Furthermore, the transforming device embodies a playful spirit with its daisy-like shape that seems more like a toy rather than a high tech piece of equipment. 



According to the designer Andreas Angelidakis "The house is a portable vacuum-formed polyurethane shell that once filled with sea-water is embedded in the sand. While the water-filled shell provides weight  and natural insulation, the photovoltaic umbrella is custom-made to fold-up, flip-up and become a wind turbine, serving basic energy needs and allowing the experimental house to be lived-in off the traditional energy grid."
The combination solar panels/wind turbine is really what grabbed my attention.  A project like this strikes accord with me for a couple of reasons.  First of all, its a hybrid of two clean, sensible energy solutions.  To put it plainly, it is a simplification of form and space.  Another reason I like the idea is because it emits a dynamic and playful exuberance.  This transformer is something we would likely see in a Disney movie, or better yet, at Disney World.  Its futuristic, and has the possibility to bring our imaginations to life. 

As far as realistic placement of such a device, it would fit in well in a public plaza or park space, where on-lookers would watch the machine take on a new shape and start producing energy, never skipping a beat. It gives energy a stage from which to proclaim its silent beauty, and with that being said, let it shine! 




Renderings, Information credit: Andreas Angelidakis.