[Ed. note – video removed by owner]

Jay Leno’s all about the green tech, I mean, his garage is running on wind and solar, and it powers approximately two-thirds of the place.  So recently, he just put up this video demonstrating a new technology for rooftop wind applications.  The Mag-Wind turbine is made by Enviro Energies and both Jay Leno and Ed Begley Jr. have their own versions on order.  Naturally, Leno was excited to point out that his turbine will be bigger than Begley’s, but in addition to that, you’ll get an idea from the video how interesting the technology actually is.  It’s built using magnetic levitation technology that reduces friction, noise, vibration, and energy loss.  Some other interesting aspects of the Mag-Wind System include:

  • Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) style with sails can receive wind from all directions, horizontal or vertical.
  • Axial flux alternator enables the turbine to generate more electricity at lower speeds.
  • Roof mounted design doesn’t require a tower and puts the turbine in a position to capture favorable roof effect winds.
  • Programmable variable coil resistance provides more resistance in higher winds and less resistance in lower winds.

According to Enviro Energies‘ website, they have three models that will be available as follows:

  1. MW-1100, 5 kW, ~1100 kWh monthly, delivery: Q2 2009
  2. MW-2200, 10 kW, ~2200 kWh monthly, delivery: 6 mths from order
  3. MW-12M, 50 kW, ~12 mWh monthly, delivery: Q3 2009

The technology looks quite interesting, so we’ll try to uncover pricing information and update this article when we find out.