During Christmas, I was in the airport waiting for my flight and decided to pop into a store to grab some reading material.  Much to my surprise, this was December you know, the February issue of Dwell was already up and it popped right out at me.  On the stands right now is “The Prefab Issue: Real Homes for Real People,” and it’s definitely worth reading.  In addition to an essay from founding editor-in-chief Karrie Jacobs, here are a few prefabs you can expect to read about in this issue:

Scott Specht’s Off the Grid ZeroHouse (also our article)


The West Virginia Lost River Modern Prefab (also our article)


William Massie’s Prefab Lab


Sweden’s Plus House by CKR


Prefab Fabrication at MRP’s factory (also Rincon 5)


All in all, a fantastic page turner and well worth the $5.99 US.  And by the way, Dwell, thanks for mentioning our prefab archives on page 110 — you’re too nice!