Spectra Decor

Founder and artist Leilani Norman-Young manages Spectra Decor out of Seattle, Washington.  Spectra offers a beautiful, unique, and varied line of eco-friendly hardware, which consists mostly of cabinet pulls.  The hardware is made from a variety of green products including recycled glass, cork, recycled aluminum, and eco-resin from 3form. 

The cork, glass, and eco-resin are often used as inlay details, and the hardware shapes and inspirations vary widely.  I love the beach pebble collection because you get the wonderful shape and texture of a beach stone — it’s made out of 100% recycled glass versus stones taken from the beach (where they should stay!).  And the great part is, the beach stone collection looks like real stone — I would never have guessed they were made out of recycled glass. 

Another great aspect of Spectra’s products is that they are all made by American artisans, which means they aren’t being shipped very far to get to you.  By purchasing Spectra’s products, you’re supporting the American economy and talented American artisans who often struggle to keep their trades alive. 

They have showrooms in 22 states and you can also purchase Spectra’s products online at Knobs and Hardware, which is currently offering sale prices.  Visit Spectra Decor’s website to see their full line of beautiful hardware and feel good about what your purchase is supporting.

Beach Pebble Fusion

Fusion Bridge