You remember Paul Stankey of Hive Modular?  We mentioned his container cabin this time last year, and since that time, the rustic retreat has been showcased in probably every quality design magazine in the country.  What interesting, however, is that Paul’s been working on phase two: A new project adjacent to the cabin.

Paul was speaking with the folks at loll about their waste and came to find out that they have huge pallets sitting around.  So he decided that the pallets could be put to clever use, I mean, they’re sturdy and heavy, weighing in at roughly 200 pounds each.  He designed Pallet Barn.


They poured the footings and bootstrapped the pallets in place.  It’s funny how a bone skinny structure like this can have such elegance and aesthetic.

After the pallets were in place, they started work on the cladding and that’s pretty much where work is to this point.  They built in some loft spaces, but the place will need TLC in the form of finishing the siding, adding doors, and finishing the interiors.

If you recall, last June we mentioned another pallet project called Unit Load_Redux.  Now with this Pallet Barn, I’m beginning to wonder if pallet reuse is now what container reuse once was …







Update 05/05/2012 – This article was written in 2008, and many of the links pointed to blog pages by Hive Modular. Those pages are dead, so the links now point directly to Hive Modular. If you want more information about this project, email Paul Stankey at Hive Modular.

Image credits: Hive Modular.